Lake erie Fishing
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Experience one of the best fisheries in the nation, only miles from our lodge!

Lake Erie

Lake Erie is known as the premiere destination for walleye, dubbed “The Walleye Capital Of The World”, and rightfully so. According to the ODNR, there are approximatley 89 MILLION ADULT WALLEYE in the lake in 2024. On top of the world class walleye fishing, it is also home to a world class smallmouth bass population that consistently produces trophy quality bass over 6-7 pounds!

When the walleye bite is off or the smallies aren’t spawning in the shallows, there are plenty of other opportunites for world class fishing with the numerous other species that call the lake home. Pike fishing can be out of this world along the shores and in the bays. In early 2024, a teen potentially broke the long standing ohio state record for pike when he netted and released a 45″ pike casting from shore on one of the numerous river mouths that dot the coast of the lake. The occasional musky can be caught throwing big lures and flies along shore as well.

Lake Erie is also home to several other lesser known species that we target either on the fly or with conventional tackle. Carp, Drum, and Sheepshead are plentiful all over the lake, and put up an unreal fight. Hyrbid stripers line the walls of every break wall and you can even get into bowfin in some of the marsh areas along some of the river mouths.

Our USCG-Licensed Captains

Captain Jon Delveccio

Captain Jon was born and raised in western Pennsylvania. From a young age, he had a passion for bass fishing and that’s where his fishing roots took hold.

In 2006, while attending Mercyhurst College in Erie, PA, Jon got his first taste of steelhead fishing and was forever changed! An obsession with chasing the “silver bullet” has had a firm grip on him ever since. So much so that Jon put down his roots right in the heart of steelhead alley to maximize his fishing opportunities. But don’t let his passion for steelhead cause you to think he has forgotten his roots!

Jon is also a Coast Guard Certified Master Captain and loves to chase warmwater species as well. He offers a multitude of different trip options to his clients aboard his fully loaded 2022 Ranger. Whether it’s light tackle, fly fishing, or trolling, Capt. Jon has the boat and the technology to tailor a trip to your desire.

Have you ever had a chance to fish staging steelhead or smallmouth with live imaging sonar? These are the unique experiences Jon can provide.

Whether chasing steelhead or warm water species, Jon has a passion for putting his clients on fish and creating friendships with all he shares a day with.

Captain Mario Chance

Captain Mario is a hardworking, passionate, fun-loving individual who will knock the socks off your fishing experience! Fishing has always been a big part of his life, as he grew up fishing Ohio waters with his father at a very young age. 

Fishing quickly became his passion. Over the past decade, he has become a versatile fishing guide on Lake Erie and its tributaries in Ohio and Pennsylvania. In 2017, he became a licensed USCG captain pursuing Walleye, Perch, and Steelhead on Lake Erie. Over the past few years, he has vastly expanded his fishing expertise by working as a charter captain and first mate off the Southwest coast of Florida in the winter and guiding Southwest Alaska in the summer. 

Many years of experience have given Mario a keen sense of surveying water and reading weather conditions, allowing him to provide success, safety, and comfort for his clients on every fishing trip. Mario prides himself on making his client’s overall experience his highest priority.

Captain Mike Soots

Born and raised just outside of Youngstown, OH Captain Mike began to hunt and fish with his father at a young age. He devoted most of his childhood to bass fishing, waterfowl hunting, and deer hunting. High school ignited his passion for chasing steelhead on the fly around the Lake Erie tributaries, and Mike quickly connected with it.
While attending Youngstown State University to obtain a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, Mike competed in the Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship for the Penguins. Following college, Mike began his full-time guiding career while also obtaining a U.S.C.G. Master Captain License from the Bristol Bay region on the Naknek River of Alaska targeting salmon and trout. He then brought that experience and knowledge back home to help anglers in Ohio and Pennsylvania target bass, walleye, steelhead, and pike.
Whether fishing for steelhead on the river, on Lake Erie chasing walleye and bass, or in a duck blind, you can ensure a well-established and informative day with Mike. Learning the techniques of the wild game or fish you are after, along with plenty of laughs to make a memorable experience.

Lunch Options

Don’t want to pack a lunch? No problem. Lunch can be added to any of our trips allowing you to spend more time fishing.

Cold Lunch - $25 per angler

Sandwich or Soup with chips, fruit, & chocolate

Hot Lunch - $50 per angler

Cooked or grilled right on the shoreline including sides