Covered Bridge Lodge is ideally located in a populated waterfowl migration flyway. We offer fully guided waterfowl hunts on both private as well as public land. Our guided waterfowl hunts begin in the early Fall with wood duck and teal hunts. These hunts are conducted in heavily flooded timber marshes. Hunters will hunt in waders and will set up in the flooded timber and typically hunt from a marsh stool. Wood ducks and teal do not lock in to decoys the same way “big ducks” do. Early season wood duck and teal hunting is fast paced, edge-of-your-seat hunting where hunters must maintain vigilant for that flock to come instantly crashing into the marsh and flooded timber with little notice. If you have never been on a dedicated wood duck hunt, it is not to be missed and represents a very unique waterfowl hunting opportunity in our region. 

Waterfowl hunting continues throughout the Fall and Winter with “big duck” hunting once the larger ducks migrate South to our area. Mallard ducks represent the majority of the big ducks in our region.  Hunting is offered in private and public marsh lands. Our big duck hunts are normally conducted out of permanent duck blinds overlooking open marsh waters. Waders are needed for these hunts and our team of outfitters can help supply each hunter with all required waders. 

Want to hunt big water? We offer that too. Our outfitting team can guide you on an open-water hunt where you will be hunting big water out of one of our fully camouflaged boats. Waders are not required for our big water hunts as the group will be exclusively hunting out of a boat.

Interested in goose hunting? Yup, we do that. We find the highest success in hunting geese over agriculture fields. Our goose hunts are offered on our private land in addition to private leased land and even public hunting land. Waders are not used in a field goose hunt as we are not near water and instead are set up where the geese spend the day feeding in an agricultural field. Various camouflage setups are implemented when hunting geese out of a field. We offer layout field blinds as well as dugout pit blinds. With all waterfowl hunting, wind is critical in where our outfitters set up the hunters. We have all options available to hunt nimbly and adjust to wind directions.