Upland Pheasants

Our hunts offer hundreds of acres of huntable upland fields that are precisely planted and managed for optimal cover throughout the harsh winter months. In addition to farmed fields of sorghum and other varieties, our hunting land offers stands of trees to hunt around, creeks to cross, lakes to view. We pride our pheasant hunts as not being the typical rectangular field that you make two passes on. Our pheasant land is a scenic rolling grounds property, split by trees, creeks and lakes. Also, we maintain a strict limit on annual hunts to best preserve the cover from over hunting and being trampled.

We provide two dogs (pointers or flushers) and two guides for each hunt. A standard pheasant hunt involves the placement of 24 birds total. We always set hens and roosters at a 50/50 ratio. A hunt with 24 pheasants can accommodate up to six hunters. With enough notice, we are happy to provide additional pheasants if you desire to see more birds. Depending on supply, we also have the ability to source upland birds such as partridges and chukar. 

Hunts can begin in the morning or can be started in the afternoon. Certain conditions affect our hunts, such as heavy rain (pheasants won’t fly in the rain), abnormal heat, extreme wind, or extreme cold.

Each hunt includes a full hot lunch at the pheasant fields as well as a chef-cooked meal at Covered Bridge Lodge following the hunt. Our chefs are happy to cook any number of your recently harvested birds to complement your meal.