Lake Erie and walleye fishing go together like peanut butter and jelly. The two are synonyms. Covered Bridge Outfitters & Lodge can guide you on a walleye outing out of Conneaut Harbor, just 10 minutes from our lodge. Our lodge has multiple Coast Guard Charter Boat Captains to guide your adventure. Walleye fishing on Lake Erie begins in mid-March, is active all summer, and peaks with the largest fish being caught up to the end of November.

Walleye can be caught on open water from ice-out in March all the way to freeze-up in the early Winter. Throughout the open water season, various tactics are used to target walleye. Early season involves VERY slow trolling. In the Spring and Summer, walleye can be caught suspended or fishing the bottom. In late Fall/Early Winter, the fish move extremely shallow and are most commonly caught on jerkbaits. 

The Southern shorelines of Lake Erie are littered with walleye captains and charters. One opportunity that Covered Bridge Outfitters offers is the ability to catch Lake Erie walleye on the fly! Yup, our team of guides have spent days upon days on Lake Erie learning how to present a fly to a walleye in every fishable depth. Sound unique? It is!

As an outfitter, we strongly enforce CPR (Catch, Photo, Release) on all species of fish…EXCEPT for walleye. We recognize the health and population of walleye in Lake Erie and accommodate the harvest of legal-size walleye caught on Lake Erie. After the outing, our guides filet and package your fish on your behalf. In addition, our chef can prepare a spectacular walleye dinner for your group the very evening of the outing.