Steelhead are a large, migratory rainbow trout. They are not native to Ohio’s waterways, but were placed here for angling opportunities by Ohio’s fisheries programs years ago. Here in Northern Ohio, we are blessed to have many tributaries of Lake Erie which receive annual “runs” of steelhead trout. In the summer months the steelhead can be found deep in the lake. Much like salmon, steelhead swim up stream into the the rivers and to make their annual spawning pilgrimage. However, unlike salmon, steelhead do not die once they have reproduced, they can make several spawning journeys in their lifetime! Some Great Lakes steelhead make their way up stream in the fall, we call this time of year the “Fall Run”. Conversely, some make their way up to spawn in late winter into early spring, “Spring Run.”


Steelhead present an incredible opportunity on the fly, and anglers travel from all over the world to experience the hard fighting, acrobatic battles  with these “chromers.”


We are proudly situated smack dab in the middle of an area of the country known as “Steelhead Alley” for the great runs of fish our tributaries receive annually.



Steelhead can be found cruising the beaches and creek mouths beginning as early as September. Great surf casting opportunities exist from beaches, break walls and pier heads during the early fall! Fishable numbers are found in the rivers by early October.

There are two primary runs of Lake Erie Steelhead. Fall run (September-December) and Spring run (January-May). Fall and spring offer differing opportunities and programs but fantastic fishing exists all winter if the weather allows.


  • We offer both Float and Wade trips on all Lake Erie Tributaries. This includes Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York.
  • All skill levels are welcome! We take pride in our knowledge base of our local rivers and how Steelhead use them. Our staff is well versed in all techniques used to pursue Steelhead and look forward to sharing our experience with you!
  • Two handed casting and swinging flies has long been a staple in our program. Ask about our “Spey Trips” and casting instruction.