Other Freshwater Options


Gaining in popularity among the fly fishing community, carp provide some exciting rod bending opportunities during the dog days of summer.

Growing to immense sizes and incredibly keen, sight fishing to common carp require tact and stealth, making for a challenging and rewarding quarry on the fly. Carp can be found in most waterways in Ohio lake or stream. These fish fight hard and it is not uncommon to see your backing when playing a carp of even average size. We offer both and float and wade fish for carp from May until October, with some of the best action in the heat of the summer.

  • Don’t let the dog days get you down!
  • Try your hand at a “golden bonefish”!



Time honored and dripping with tradition. Bluegill and other sunfishes tend to be most anglers first catch on the fly rod. These fish are tons of fun for first time fly fishers and experts alike!

Bluegill will rise to a dry fly on the surface and make for a great visual experience for new anglers or children. They fight tremendously hard for their size so when caught on light tackle fly set ups, the fun is smile inducing for all ages! We fish for panfish in Ohio’s ponds as long as they are not ice covered with peak season running from May through October.

  • Learn to fly fish on the ponds with us!
  • Introduce a loved one to the lifelong sport of fly fishing!
  • Handicap accessible!

Freshwater Drum

Often overlooked and wildly misunderstood, the Freshwater Drum, or “sheephead” are close relatives to redfish and the black drum, which are regarded as some of the most sought after fish to catch with a fly. Quick to eat a crustacean fly, much like their saltwater cousins, the freshwater drum are a treat to target on the flyrod. We fish for them along Lake Erie’s shoreline, casting from piers and wading sandy beaches from May until September. Reaching sizes of over 30 inches and capable of hard fighting, long, drag pulling runs, the sheephead should be on every anglers’ summer plans.

  • We take immense pride in our native fisheries, and respect the Freshwater Drum as a gamefish!
  • Let our team show you this unique and fun freshwater flats style game fish, in our front yard!