Northern Pike

Native to most of Ohio, Northern Pike are one of our favorite species to chase.  Providing year-round opportunities and thrilling action, these slender sleek and speedy fish earn their place as an incredible sportfish in our book! All skill levels of anglers will enjoy fishing for pike! Inhabiting many different types of water, anglers will hone their skills with a variety of different techniques. Casting accuracy and fly control are keys to success while chasing these toothy rockets. Targeting pike will step up your game and provide critical knowledge of predatory streamer fishing as well as improve your casting skills. This translates into becoming a better angler overall.

We fish for northern pike year-round. If the water is open, you will find us hunting for these incredibly fun and interesting fish. Trophy opportunities exist even in winter. Trophy “northerns” exceeding the coveted 40-inch mark are landed each year! Come experience one of the best strikes that exist in freshwater!

  • Pike fishing is also a great fall back and should always be considered when thinking about cancelling a steelhead trip due to high water on the Lake Erie tributaries.
  • Planning a saltwater trip? Let us get you in the boat throwing pike flies for a day to brush up your saltwater game!